Sunday, February 25, 2024

Fall Weather Days

Another lunch photo from being out with my family. I feel like the only time I take blog photos now I am either at lunch with my family or going to a goth nightclub. What a life....

Well, this will be the first post where you start seeing a lot of Aesther Ekme, a designer I have really gotten to like. I love the crossbody Sac bags so much I bought them in four colors! I will take blog photos in each color soon.

Coat: Everlane
Bag: Aesther Ekme
Scarf: from Sabahar in Ethiopia
Shoes: Target
Sunglasses: Alice + Olivia

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Photo Diary: The Merchant Belfast

One evening during my business trip to Belfast, as I ascended to my hotel room at the iconic Hotel Europa, renowned as the most bombed hotel in the world, a colleague invited me to join them for a drink at The Merchant. Grateful that I accepted, I was in for an exquisite surprise—the lobby of The Merchant turned out to be the most stunning I had ever witnessed. Despite the limitations of my low-quality camera, it failed to do justice to the sheer opulence and decadence of this breathtaking establishment.

My most amazing cocktail (that took one hour to receive from the time I ordered it...)

Monday, February 5, 2024

Lunch in the Fall

Went out to lunch with my daughter and got to wear the scarf I bought in Ethiopia. It's almost impossible to take outfit photos now because she wants to be in all of the pictures!

Sweater Coat: Vintage
Scarf: from Sabahar in Ethiopia
Dress: Niko and... (from Japan)
Sunglasses: Alice + Olivia

Libre Day

 Met up with a friend for happy hour and wore this new dress I bought at a vintage store in Tokyo from my trip in April. It is quite volumin...