Thursday, June 28, 2018

New Orleans Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

People have been telling me to visit New Orleans every time I reveal my cemetery hobby, and each time they are surprised I haven't already been there. New Orleans is famous for its unusual cemeteries, with tombs above the ground, with their own street signs, gaining the nickname, "Cities of the Dead."

Because New Orleans was built on a swamp,  tombs that were buried in the ground would rise with the water, so for that reason the tombs are above ground, with each one housing entire families. After two years their bones can be pushed to the back to make room for a new member.

This beautiful cemetery in the Garden District was so lush and green, just like the rest of the district. It is also the only cemetery I have been to where people were painting the scenery, just like do in parks and cities.

the wall surrounding the cemetary

tomb decorated with mardi gras beads
painters setting up to paint

a painter at work

mardi gras beads hanging from the gate around a tomb

street signs in the cemetery

some unconventional decorations at a tomb

Sunday, June 24, 2018


I recently started working the door of a ghost-themed performance event and this was my outfit at the premier. I went for an ulta-goth look and combined dresses and skirts and belts to create the mishmash of black that you see.

Leather dress: Zara
Sheet dress: American Apparel
Gloves: Target
Skirt: self-made, Spring 2011 Collection
Belt: Christian Dior (I've own this since I was 13 years old)
Bag: Coach
Shoes: Target

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

New Orleans Diary

Rode in the city in a quiet uber, through the dark streets and to the restaurant. Outside in their uncovered patio, the black sky is my ceiling. I feel like I wandered onto a movie set. Or like I’m an actor in someone else’s play, and someone else’s life. Maybe my ears are still plugged from the dissent, so all sound is muffled like it’s coming from an old recorder. The patio feels like a movie set. Are these real bricks, real windows, real balconies? Is this a real cool breeze, real shadows, real glow from the lamp light? My back to the wooden staircase, paint is peeling off the railing. The waitress talked me into a sangria.

By 10:30pm I was at Cafe DuMonde. I feel like I’m in Leopold‘s in Mumbai. Here I imagined a quaint French cafĂ© with coffee and donuts. I’m here on Wednesday night along with 300 people. I know the drill now. Sit down anywhere. The server comes up. Order from the menu taped to the napkin dispenser. They bring it to you in one minute. You pay in cash with the tip. The giant TV truck just passed us, like in Tokyo. And all is illuminated for a brief moment. Mostly there are large groups here. Fours fives and sixes. Loud crowds, showing no signs of waining. But I am. I am due for sleep. The hours upon me. I long to return home now. Sangria worn off. Belly full. Sugar crash coming on. Ready to go home.

- Excerpt from my diary, April 11, 2018

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A couple cafes of Minneapolis

I've had a few 24-hour long business trips to Minneapolis recently and had a chance to visit a couple cafes in the area...only three actually. But what I lack in quantity, I make up for in quality...and that quality is Penny's. 

Penny's has to be one of my favorite cafes in the world, and for that reason, I'm putting is right at the to of the list.

I went to Penny's three times in 24 hours and have no regrets. I had a chance to try a few of their signature drinks, like the Charcoal latte (left), Lavendar latte (middle), and Golden latte which has Turmeric (right).

The Bachelor Farmer
One of the most popular restaurants in Minneapolis is also a pretty darn good cafe. I got to order a lunch and work from the cafe for a good hour. 

Spyhouse is another widely popular cafe with specious seating and a very hi warehouse vibe. I ordered a regular latte and was pleased with the quality. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Minneapolis Central Library

Recently I've been doing a lot of domestic business trips and have visited Minneapolis twice in the last few months. Thankfully, on both trips I was staying right next door to the Central Library downtown and had a brief moment to tour this impressive building.

Upon first entering this library, the first thing I noticed was the metal floor grate. Given that there was a few feet of snow outside, I need to stomp the snow off my boots when I walked in, and the metal grate was perfect for that. 

Once you're inside the inner foyer is very impressive...

I also liked how this library made a subtle joke about Donald Trump. Recently Trump made a comment about being a "stable genius." The strangeness of the remark is not lost on people. The librarians here decided to curate a collect of work by "unstable geniuses."

I really loved this beautiful wooden doorway.

From the inside of the foyer, you can see some really nice reading pods on these balconies. In a cold town like Minneapolis it's nice to feel like you are sitting outside...inside. 

My other favorite room was the teen room, which has this amazing red wall. 

Finally, from the windows of the library, you can see the views of snowy Minneapolis. 

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