Monday, September 19, 2011

Fast Food in Sweden

Although it's not McDonald's, Max Burger in Stockholm far exceeded my expectations for local fast food.On their website Max Burger is dubbed as "Sweden's oldest and most popular hamburger chain."

This sign advertises lunch for only 15 kr, about $2.25. A real deal in Sweden, let me tell ya. 

A view from the inside:

Sweden is nothing if not efficient. At Max you will find these Express Ordering kiosks, that allow the customer to order their food and pay electronically, without waiting in line.

I ordered the Triple Cheese Burger.

Oh my god...


Another awesome item from the menu are the "Cajun Fries". I'm putting quotations around that because I'm not exactly sure what's "Cajun" about them. They're basically french fries with nacho cheese, spicy mayonnaise, jalapenos, and onions. They were so delicious I found them offensive.


  1. I think the spicy mayonnaise and pepper count as 'cajun' - at least, that's what makes a po'boy special! :D

    I would like to be offended by such fries!

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