Welcome to my collection of photographs and stories of cemeteries around the world. 

I began this archive at ten years old, in Galveston Texas.

Since then I have visited cemeteries in over 17 countries. 

Cambodia: Siem Reap
Canada: Victoria, BC

Denmark: Copenhagen

Finland: Helsinki (Jewish and Russian)

Greece: Athens

Hong Kong: Catholic and Muslim

Iceland: Reykjavik

Japan: WakkanaiKyotoTsukuba, Izumo

Malaysia: Western and Chinese

Mexico: Tijuana

Norway: Oslo

Pakistan: IslamabadLahore

Portugal: Lisbon, Porto 

Singapore: Bukit 

Sweden: Stockholm

Taiwan: Taipei

Thailand: Chiang Mai


  1. Hey it's Ray. Wow photos of semeteris...! Although I haven't seen all of them, I liked ones in Russia and the ideas of placing the photos of the deceased. I would be happy to adopt the ideas for my families, close friends (of course I cannot intervene though) and for me.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. And I hope you see and shoot semeteries in Mexico. I was surprised how colorful they are and impressed; Please see. http://paulretherford.net/isla-mujeres-cemetery-hdr-photography


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