Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Photo Diary: Architecture of Isafjordur

One of my favorite this about Isafjordur, the scenic north town in the west fjords of Iceland, was the quaintness and Nordic beauty of the homes. I am no expert in architecture, but rural Icelandic homes have some unique qualities that are apparent to even an amateur observer.

First, the homes are not made from wood or brick – they are made from aluminum. Iceland geography does not produce trees due to the strong winds, ad stone which can be used for concrete is also not readily abundant, so aluminum in the most precious source, and one of the largest industries in Iceland.

All Icelandic homes but be insulated to protect from the cold and wind, so the houses are very well reinforced.

The color of the houses is also another interesting choice. Color is always a response to the environment. And unlike the white stone houses in Greece, which contract so well with the blue of the sea, or the muted black or white homes of Japan, which class with the emerald green landscape, Iceland’s wildly colored homes are liked in response to the snowy cloudy brown and grey environment – a where color can shine in the deepest winter darkness.

It was great to take a small walk around town and observe all the finer details of this very unique architecture. The weather was pretty erratic and half these photos were taken during a snowstorm while the other half were taken only moments later in clear weather. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Isafjordur Diaries Day 3

Last view of Isafjordur as seen from the airplane

We spent three days in Isafjordur and in those three days I felt like I saw three towns. One was a blizzard, with mountain peaks obscured in smoke and wind blowing in all directions. One was an icy wonderland, with crisp white peaks and pearly streets. The other was a mossy grassland, with melted snow and skies dark with rain. Imagine if I had only seen one town instead of three.
I am glad I went to Isafjordur.
Even though we had to abort landing once.
Even though our plane hung in the sky shaking for 40 minutes, while we waiting for the weather to clear.
Even though the mountains looked menacing from the tiny plane window.
Even though it was only light out for 4 hours.
Even though the darkness nearly consumed me.
Even though the weather caused our plane to be cancelled.
Even though the cafe was closed on the weekends.
Even though the bar was closed for private events both nights.
Even though there was no good food to eat after a certain hour.
Even though I slept 15 hours a day.
Even though I had a mental breakdown in the library when our flight was cancelled.

Even though I had another mental breakdown in our room when I thought our flight might be cancelled.
- Novemebr 27th, Café Babalu, Reykjavik, 8:06pm

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

LA Street Style Day 2

After a 9-year absence, my fashionable friend Emma returned to LA from Japan this summer. I flew down from Portland to meet with her. Emma and I lived in LA in the mid-2000s and have a lot of good memories together. To honor our friendship, I dug through my closet and picked out a few dresses that I bought back in 2007-2008 when we lived in Orange County together. This is a dress I wore 10 years ago, and one I haven't worn agin until this trip. All items pictured vintage and purchased at various stores around LA. 

This dress came from Squaresville in Los Feliz, and was originally made in the Soviet Union. 

I also had the opportunity to wear a vintage coat I purchased that day at the Silver Lake farmer's market. When we went to the rooftop restaurant Perch, it was very chilly and I pulled my coat right out of the bag and put it on. 
This coat is an authentic 1980s Nolan Miller. 

Photo Diary: Architecture of Isafjordur

One of my favorite this about Isafjordur, the scenic north town in the west fjords of Iceland, was the quaintness and Nordic beauty ...