Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hello Kitty Terminal - Taoyuan Airport

Since I seem to be doing things in duos, (i.e. the themed-restaurant duo) I decided to follow up my Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe post with the Hello Kitty Terminal in the Taoyuan International Airport.

Now, my whole experience leaving Taoyuan was not particularly great, though it did end with me flying home first class on Delta. While I don't wish to reiterate some of the bad parts of my time in that airport, I would be very happy to discuss the Hello Kitty terminal, which I got to see for all of thirty seconds while racing from the security checkpoint to my airplane.

The terminal can be found at gate C3, right next to a large Hello Kitty gift shop. As if they didn't have enough Hello Kitty merchandise floating around Taipei, this shop and terminal offers one final Sanrio experience before departing the country.

Unlike the cafe, this place was crawling with children. As a non-parent / non-child, I felt horribly out of place. Not the type of area I would just like to linger about, though it does make for some good picture-taking.


  1. Not the type of area I would just like to linger about, though it does make for some good picture-taking. Hello Kitty

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