Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mulu: Cave Exploration in Borneo

My fascination with caves dates back to childhood, but it was rekindled when I lived in Japan and went on a weekend trip to Yamaguchi. That’s where I realized that caves are my living fantasy, the place where dreams and reality intersect. On my trip through SE Asia I explored great caves in several countries, but the limestone caves of Mulu National Park are the most amazing. Mulu is truly a paradise for the spelunker. 

Mulu is a located in Sarawak, on the Malaysia side of the island of Borneo, and boasts the largest limestone cave in the world (The Clearwater Cave). I booked a three-day two-night package and stayed at the luxurious Marriott Resort. During the day I went on guided tours of the caves, and at night, I watched the bats feast on bugs outside my window, and slept to the sounds of the jungle.

Mulu caves also housed an impressive number of bats - my favorite animal! Though their poo was everywhere, I loved watching them fly out of the caves at dusk. The Mulu bats fly out in swarms, much like flocks of birds, and they create unique patterns in the sky that resemble dragons.
One tourists joked that the bats would spell "Mulu" in the sky.

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