Friday, May 29, 2015

Sacramento Cafe Catalog

I spent a hot weekend in downtown Sacramento. In between a wedding reception, ceremony, and catching up with many relatives in my huge family, I got to visit some really cool cafes. I only wish I had more time to write instead of just sipping coffee and taking photos. 

Naked Lounge
A laid-back cafe in a quiet residential part of downtown. I only ordered a Vanilla latte, though in retrospect, I wish I had sampled one of their signature drinks, like the famous "Bowl of Soul." 
1500 Q St, Sacramento, CA 

Old Soul at the Weatherstone
Another gem tucked away in a quiet residential area outside downtown. This cafe had a wonderfully spacious seating area, and a damn good iced vanilla latte. 
812 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Temple Coffee
A popular cafe with brewing award-winning specialty coffee. I enjoyed a Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk, on their outdoor patio. Bonus points for being open until 11:00 pm. 
1010 9th St Sacramento CA 95814

The Mill
A relaxed and sunny cafe just a short walk from the center of town. Original offering of Almond Macadamia Latte. 
1827 I St, Sacramento, CA 95811

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