Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cafes of Luang Prabang

I was surprised to find a few good cafes in Luang Prabang, since I hadn't read anything about it on the internet. I discovered these by merely walking around the town, but pinned them onto Google maps. 

Dao Coffee
My favorite place in Luang Prabang, and the only café I visited everyday I was there. Lightening fast wifi, abundant seating, the best iced latte and iced mocha I had in Laos.
Google Coordinates: 19.886175,102.136030

Joma Café
A popular local chain with food and drinks. It is a bit too commercialized for my tastes. The wifi was slow and the place is always crowded. Many people seem to enjoy it, but I can’t bring myself to like this place.
Address: Chao Fa Ngum Rd

Saffron Café
A great choice in Luang Prabang. Founded by an American living in Laos, they serve coffee from a local hill village. There are actually two cafes in Luang Prabang, and I prefer the smaller of the two. The drinks were great, but I recommend the desserts, specifically the piping-hot brownie which was exquisite.
Google coordinates: 19.895063,102.138216

Indigo Café
A busy restaurant-café at the main junction of the night market. Wifi and service are both slow, but it’s s suitable option and a convenient location.

   Address: Indigo House Hotel, Sisavangvong Road, Ban Pakham

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