Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cafe Profile: Cocobox, Hoi An, Vietnam

The always busy storefront of Cocobox

Despite the plethora of restaurants and charming buildings, Hoi An is not for the cafe lover. Fortunately, the historic area seems to have free open wifi, so that’s not the issue. The coffee is.  There are markedly few cafes for and even fewer places to find a decent latte in the town. In fact, there might be only one. 

I arrived in Hoi An just months after Cocobox opened. It seemed to be a joint Vietnamese-expat venture, serving up mostly organic fruit juices and vegan sandwiches. But here’s a secret: they have the best latte in town. They also have the best vegan tofu and eggplant sandwich in town, or perhaps, in the whole world. Cocobox instantly became my favorite place in Hoi An.

It is open from 9:00-9:00, but a word of caution, it’s a small place and fills up quickly, and stay full all day. During lunch there is a line out the door. Plan accordingly. 

limited seating

the juice bar

the menu
Delicious Iced Lattes

that's salt on the side, not sugar

chocolate cake

the most amazing vegan eggplant sandwich ever

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