Saturday, April 2, 2016

What Did I eat in LA?

After a six year hiatus from LA, the thing I looked forward to the most about my return was the food. I was spoiled with good Asia food when I lived there and it wasn't until I moved to Portland that I realized what I was missing. While LA indeed has everything, a variety of good Korean and Japanese foods were what I missed the most. The night I arrived I ate at an All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ at 1:00am. Because I can. Because it’s LA.

Korean food

Korean BBQ fron Hae Jung and Oo-kook

Soon-dobu form BCD Tofu House 

Ddukbokki from Hangari Noodle House and  Korobokgur

Ddukkbokki from YupDukLA

Mentaiko spaghetti (Korean take on a Japanese dish from Haus and Yellow House)

Shaved Ice from Homibing (left) and Sul and Beans (right)

Japanese food

Shinsengumi Ramen

Revolving sushi in Little Tokyo

Fancy sushi from Hamasaku

Fugetsu-do mochi

Mexican food
octopus tostada, ceviche tostada, and scallop taco at Senior Fish 

carnitas tacos and a sope from Grant Central Market

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