Friday, December 22, 2017

What I Bought in LA

I rarely buy souvenirs or showcase them from other cities in the United States. For the most part, there isn’t anything really notable about what I buy in other cities, and for the most part I don’t buy anything at all on my travels. In fact, this is the first Buy Post that features a U.S. city and for a very good reason.

I never had the chance to really shop of my three previous trips to LA, but on my fourth, in which I traveled with my BFF, practically all we did was shop vintage store, thrift stores, farmers markets, and flea markets for awesome apparel and accessories. Here is my LA buy list:

Vintage handbags
Coach laptop bag (made before laptops existed) from Squaresville
Coach crossbody from the Pasadena Rosebowl

Vintage clothes
Black Lace dress from Pasadena Rosebowl
Black Dress from Pasadena Rosebowl
Blue Dress from Pasadena Rosebowl
Black shawl from Pasadena Rosebowl

Sheer Black shirt from Squaresville
Sequin Butterfly top from Squaresville

Black Normal Miller jacket from the Silver Lake Farmers Market

Woo accessories
Pentagram necklace from Spellbound Sky

Black candle (for banishing negative energy) from Spellbound Sky

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