Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What did I buy in Japan?

As a follow up to my first post on Things I buy in Japan, I am updating this to reflect my 2017/2018 shopping tastes. 

Of course, after living in Japan, you can believe I returned to the Unites State with a full suitcase of things I had acquired during my time there, from food to clothing to electronics. But for this post I am sharing what I purchased as a returning tourist there this past summer, which reflects a much more specific shopping strategy. 

I didn’t come to Japan thinking I would buy clothing. Even Uniqlo exports to the U.S. now and most clothes in Japan don’t fit me anyway. But when I saw a used Comme des Garcons skirt with a Yoji Yamamoto shirt in the window of Ragtag, I knew they had to be mine.

o Comme des Garcons skirt
o Yoji Yamamoto shirt
o Uniqlo skirt and top
o Inujirushika bag
o Brooklyn Parlour tote
o Bag chains

Beauty Products

Well, that part hasn't changed much in the last 10 years. Japan still has some of the best beauty products.

o 2 kinds of make up remover
o face wash
o body soap
o lotion
o mascara

Stationary aka Everything Delfonics
I love this brand more than anything so of course I made a special stop to their flagship store near Tokyo station.

o Tote
o Folder
o Notebook
o Pen

Magazine Books
Magazine books or Mooks are so incredible in Japan that they are well worth the weight in your suitcase to carry home. I exercised no restraint on this trip and bought 8 heavy glossy mooks home.

o Savvy’s guide to Kyoto
o Popeye’s guide to Kyoto
o Taipei travel guide
o 5 Cafes books 

I picked up a few touristy trinkets along the way, including 5 Daruma which I will wish upon. Headphones from Don Quixote are great for running, and Yayoi Kusama playing cards from an exhibit in Kyoto.

o Daruma
o Headphones
o Yayoi Kusama playing cards

I used to bring back a ton of packaged food and candy from Japan when I was a teenager, but my in recent days my tastes has steered away from candy and I had find all the packaged things in the state. However, this particular company makes amazing dressings and pastes, so at the recommendation of a friend, I took a few home with me. 

o Sesame dressing
o Miso paste

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