Wednesday, May 23, 2018

San Diego Public Library

I always try to make a visit to at least one cool library in every city, and San Diego's Central Library downtown did not disappoint. Many people were surprised when I said I had it on my schedule to visit, but I honestly don't know why. The library is so cool and offers such stunning views of the city that I can't understand why it is not a tourist attraction itself.

Doesn't this look like a theme park attraction? And on the inside, it certainly doesn't disappoint...

This library only opened in 2013 at the measly cost of $185 million. 

The ground floor has a lot some beautiful seating with lots of window light.

I took the photo below because you can see the gas lamps just outside the window, since the library is located in the Gaslamp Quarter. 

I visited this library just around the start of the #metoo movement, and was surprised to see how quickly librarians had pulled books on that theme for the Young Adult section. 

This room was on the top floor and is one of the most beautiful in the entire library. I was especially impressed with the paintings. 

Another study area on the upper level with gorgeous natural light. I usually don't get to spend too much time in libraries on my travels, but on this trip I was able to spend an hour in the library getting some work done before my flight, and this is the room I chose to be in.

The very top floor of the library is open air and has some stunning views of the city. 

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