Thursday, February 6, 2020

Obsession Diaries: Delfonics

It’s no secret I'm obsession with planners and stationary in general, but Delfonics occupies a special place in y heart. I have been using this Japanese brand for my planners, file folders, pencils, cases, notebooks, totes, and pouches for a decade now, and the end of my addiction is no where in sight.

Every time I got to Japan I stop by the Delfonics  shop, although you can buy their products in many stores throughout Japan. Finally, Delfonics opened a shop online and also sells on Amazon, which is incredible.

Here is my collection as of 2019:

Delfonics Journals from the last ten years. I experimented with size and cover, deciding I like the bigger sizes better, and trying to find the most interesting and colorful patterns each season. 

Pouches, used for pens, receipts, odds and ends, and a special one for Monocle Magazines.

 Canvas pouches for stationary and pens. I have one big enough fro laptops and a smaller one for art supplies. They are too cute I almost don't want to use them!

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