Friday, March 6, 2020

Obsession Diaries: Handbags

When I step back to think of the things I "collect" handbags would definitely be another category. When I looked through my collection, three main brands emerged. I document those collections here.


I can’t remember how and where I first heard of ippolito. This Greek leather handbag brand is one of my favorite handbag brands, and I I’ve bene buying from them for the past three years. I will buy a new piece when the collection interests me and if it will hold a unique place in my overall handbag collection.

Vintage Louis Vuitton
I started buying vintage Louis Vuitton as a college student because I could not afford new models, however, I grew to like the look of the vintage models better. I like the faded, worn look and some of the older pieces are a lot classer and more timeless than the new collections.  

Vintage Coach
I inherited my first coach bag from my mother, who bought it at a time when it was not vintage. I kept it and carried it from time to time, and ended up purchasing my own bags over the years. I really love the look of them an the feeling of old leather. 

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