Sunday, June 14, 2020

Cafes of Chattanooga, Tennessee

I was in Chattanooga, TN four whole days for business and determined to see as many cafes as possible. I made it to 5 despite the torrential rain and having to walk everywhere - now that’s determination. 
Each cafe had a very different vibe but I will list them in order of my favorite. 

Camp House
The best latte I had in the city and its abundant seating in a warehouse-like space. 

Sleepyhead is definitely winning awards for the cutest cafes and best atmosphere. I also loved that it is located within an old office building and reminded me so much of my favorite cafe Penny in Minneapolis. Their coffee was not as good as Camp House in my opinion, so that is why they are #2. 

Mean Mug
The latte may not look good, but it sure tasted good. This hip place is also a popular spot for breakfast and brunch. 

A decent latte in a quirky artsy space. 


Goodman has a stunning location in downtown with a very lounge ambiance, but I liked their latte the least of all. I found the roast very bitter and hard to drink.  

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