Friday, February 24, 2023

Seaside Aquarium

All these years I have lived in Oregon and I never visited our local aquariums. I traversed the world to see the aquariums in Japan and Dubai, but couldn't drive 1.5 hours away to see the ones here. Until now...

Having a kids gets you out in new places, but even though this aquarium was kid-friendly, I was definitely much more into it than she was. First, a seal splashed her because she didn't feed it, and that upset her. Then she was afraid to touch the starfish and sea anemones. And then she got it into her head that she wanted to see a narwhal, but they don't survive in captivity and to my knowledge no aquarium has a narwhal, and certainly not a tiny aquarium in Seaside, Oregon. So the kid was rather unhappy, but I thought this was a wonderfully fun and quirky place. 

The entrance where you feed the seals

What the seals eat

Places to pet starfish and sea cucumbers - my kid was too scared

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