Thursday, March 16, 2023

Cafes of Dublin, Ireland

 In 2022 I went on a business trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland. I spent most of my time up north and most of my time working, but I had a few opportunities to sample Dublin's speciality coffee shops on my arrival and departure days, as well as in-between a few meetings. 

Coffee Angel

Coffee Angel was the first cafe I visited, a mere 2 hours after I landed. It was so good that I went again right before I left. Even after trying all the other cafes in the city, Coffee Angel remained my favorite. The only downside is that this busy outpost had almost no seating, so I had to take to-go. 


Kaph seemed like one of those small, super hip places where the baristas knew all the customer's names. I was in love with one tiny corner of the cafe that seemed like a cozy place to drink coffee and read a magazine. Unfortunately I was between meeting so I had to get my coffee to-go and run back to work. 

Ebb & Flow

Ebb & Flow was a busy brunch/breakfast place a short walk from my hotel. I woke up early enough to arrive when it opened and was able to drink my coffee at the restaurant before heading to work 15 minutes later. The staff were so gracious and hospitable. I wish I could go back.


Bodega is a cafe near the bustling Howth pier that lines the Irish Sea. I was able to get a quick coffee because taking a ferry ride which I slept all the way through. 


3fe was probably the best coffee I had in Dublin (but Coffee Angel was so much closer and that is why I ended up returning there). I also really like the vive of the cafe and wish I could have had a chance to work from there. 

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