Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Korean Airlines

Flying out of LAX to Hong Kong via Seoul was my first experience on Korean Airlines. They had just released a new fleet of very outstanding airplanes that were to operate on some of the more highly-traveled routs (i.e. LAX-Seoul Icheon).
These planes were very luxurious. Some of the most awesome things about Korean Airlines:

1. The seats were wide and comfortable, the entertainment was rad (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and American movies all with subtitles in every language), and I was given as many  honey roasted peanut packages as I deemed necessary for a 10 hour flight.

There I am in my seat. Look at all that room!

1. Safely video is shot like a low-budget sci-fi movie. Check out this girl's creepy face! Awesome!

2. You can fall asleep without worrying about missing dinner or duty free. It was never really clear to me where to place these stickers (face, body, pillow, chair...) but somehow I was awoken for meals.

3. The food was AWESOME. I told all my Korean friends before I left that I hoped I would get to eat kimchi AND bibimbap on the plane. Well, I got BOTH. That's right, I even had a second helping of bibimbap, no questions asked. They even give you an instructional menu.

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