Thursday, December 15, 2011

WAYNE's COFFEE, Sweden's Starbucks

Wayne's Coffee is Sweden's version of Starbucks, even the font and logo look similar, just substitute the green with blue. Up until recently, there were no Starbucks in Sweden. I think the only one in the country is located at the airport, so basically Wayne's has enjoyed years of freedom from this global competitor. It is quite common for Starbucks to move into a region and put local chains out of business, but Wayne's has been going strong for years now, so they are much better equipped to handle any competition from Starbucks, assuming Starbucks ever leaves the airport....

Below is a typical Wayne's storefront in Stockholm. Plenty of outdoor seating in summer.

The counter at Wayne. A variety of food and other drinks are available.

This is Wayne's delicious Vanilla latte. In Sweden, as in most of Europe, flavored lattes are not as common as in the US. Many coffee stands I noticed did not even have syrup. This was not a problem at Wayne's. The baristas always knew how to make a flavored latte. This was the first drink I ordered at Wayne's and I was very pleased.

On the other hand, some drinks are not so good. This lovey looking drink is the Blueberry White Mocha frappe. It sounded amazing....but alas, it was nasty as hell. It basically consisted of the worst qualities of both blueberries and mocha: sour and bitter. Not to mention there was absolutely no sugar in the whole damn drink. I had to add 10,000 packets of sugar just to make it drinkable. WAYNE FAIL.

We enjoyed many breakfasts at Wayne's.  We even bought mysli from our hotel and ate at Wayne's.

In the morning, many Swedish businessmen gather at Wayne's to discuss international trade and corporate fraud. That's not a fact or anything, just my observation based on the one photograph below.

Wayne's delicious blueberry cheese cake. Sweden was very expensive when it came to desserts, but I found Wayne's selection of pastries both appetizing and inexpensive.

Lastly, Wayne signature chocolates. Too cute to eat!

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