Monday, July 2, 2012

Harpa: Reykjavik Concert Hall

I didn't know this building existed before I went to Iceland. That's because before I went to Iceland, this building didn't exist...well, barely. Only three months old by the time I arrived, the Harpa Concert Hall is an eye-catcher in a city of painted aluminum houses. I had just gotten off the plane at 6:00 am, and after enjoying myself at the Blue Lagoon, we decide to take a walk around the city and get our barrings. This glass beehive caught our attention from the city center, and we went to investigate.

After being up since 6:00, I didn't much care to be photographed. 

Glass beehive ceiling

Inside the place was absolutely packed. We didn't realize it at the time but it was Reykjavik Culture Day, so the whole city was out doing...cultural things. There was a trio of classical singers entertaining us with Broadway tunes. That counts as a cultural thing, right? But mostly people were just eating and drinking. In other words, doing what Icelanders do all the time. 

View of the water

Honeycomb windows

Sunset over the lounge

Like being in a kaleidoscope

The view from the top floor was really remarkable. To the left are platforms with lounges for guests to relax between shows. To the right are the long hallways, whose doors lead to the actual concert hall. In the top center is a small bar serving cocktails, and below is the restaurant and cafe. 

Not a single rounded edge in the whole place. 

Well done Reykjavik!

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