Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nashville: Dream of White Castle

 Alright, so after half a month of blogging hiatus, I’m back and ready to write about all that has been happening lately. For the past month I’ve basically been on a marathon of traveling, hosting travelers, traveling, hosting travelers, which has finally ended in some much-needed down time for me.

After my weekend excursion to Astoria for the Writers’ Retreat I returned to two weeks of hosting my best friends from Dallas, which was immediately followed by a business trip to Nashville, Tennessee, which was then following by hosting my college roommate from Hawaii, which brings us to the present moment.

And in all this mess, I managed to do the one thing I’ve been wanting to do since high school: eat at White Castle.

The dream started when I was sixteen years old. On a typical Friday night in Dallas, Texas, two of my best friends and I watched Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, and were immediately compelled to drive exactly 666 miles to the nearest White Castle in Nashville, Tennessee. It would have been a ten and a half hour drive, which means that if we left Friday night we could get there by Saturday morning, eat a White Castle, and then return by Sunday, just in time to go back to school on Monday. It was almost too perfect.

We got in the car, started the engine, and then realized we were completely crazy. Were we seriously going to drive across two states to eat at a fast food joint? How were our parents goig to react when they woke up and found us gone in the morning? Or worse, what if we got pulled over? What would we say to the police officer? Would he really believe that three teenagers were driving 666 miles to go to White Castle and not running away from home?

The plan fell apart pretty fast. So we turned off the engine, got out of the car, went back to our teenage lives in north Texas, and gave up the dream of White Castle, which would not be realized for almost ten years….

When I heard I was getting sent to Nashville for work, I was not originally jumping for joy, until I remembered that it was the home of White Castle! Even though my taste in food has changed, I made a point to go to White Castle and relive my teenage fantasy. 

Truly it is a castle...

The sign of glory
Fucking weird advertisement.
I was taking pictures like a tourist in a foreign country. Hey when you’re from a foody town like Portland, with all its local, organic, and gourmet restaurants, this place does feel very very foreign to me…. Maybe I would have appreciated it more if I was sixteen…

The interior
Wow, there's a throw back....
My feast: four mini cheeseburgers, and one order of cheese fries
Tower of burgers...there must be a competition somewhere to see how many one can stack
A burger close up
Yes, that's nacho cheese.
I'm way too excited
Still can't believe I'm here
Well, despite my very deliberate pose, I was not in food heaven in White Castle. Actually, the best thing about the burgers is that they were small, meaning that I couldn't stomach them if they were much larger. This is one of those things that I'm glad to say I've done...but would not do again. Take me back to Portland where I can have organic, local, gourmet goodness any day...

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