Thursday, October 24, 2013

Food Carts at Omotesando and Good Company

The best thing in life is the people chili cheese fries

It's no secret, the best places on earth, are the places with good company.
No matter where you are or what you are doing, the best thing about life is the people.

A weekend night in Tokyo gives a traveler too many choices. Lounge, bar, or nightclub? Shibuya, Shinjuku, or Roppongi? I’ve had to make this decision many times, and at one point or another, I’ve just about everything everywhere, and guess what?
It’s not all that fun.

Don’t get me wrong, a night of rowdy drinking certainly can be fun in the big city, but my best late night memories of Tokyo are always about the people, never the places. 
The people are what color this city magical.

So I decided to spend my weekend night in Tokyo with two of the best people I know.

We found an open air food cart festival in Omotesando and spent our night under the stars, drinking Sangria and vanilla lattes, eating chili cheese fries, Indian curry, and caramel sponge cake. We shared memories of old times, caught up on current events, and dreamed about the future.

It was one of my most memorable nights in Tokyo.

tokyo food carts emi and sarah

When the festival closed we walked from Omotesando to Shibuya, discovering a Thai restaurant and the Freeman Café on our way. But that will have to wait until my next trip to Tokyo.

In a symbolic gesture we said a goodbye in the middle of the Shibuya Crossing. 

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