Thursday, January 14, 2016

Unique Drinks at Starbucks Vietnam

After Thailand I was really jaded with Starbucks. For those who don’t know, Starbucks in Thailand sucks. It’s three-times as expensive as local coffee chains, and they don’t even offer free wifi, when every other locally-owned café does. It’s lame.
But after a month in Laos and northern Vietnam, I was really craving a Starbucks, and mostly just a proper latte. I love traditional Vietnamese coffee, but I missed latte too.

When I finally made it down to Saigon, I was in Starbucks heaven. I was also surprised to see some unique drink offerings,  as the SE Asian Starbucks stores don’t seem to be as creative as the ones in East Asia.

Here are spring season’s offerings in Vietnam:

Raspberry Truffle Mocha
I don’t usually like mochas due to their bitterness, but this mocha was rich and sweet. The “truffle” definitely add extra choc lately textures to the drink, while the raspberry is a noticeable aftertaste. The drink is not as pink as the advertisement promises, but what it lacks in presentation is makes up for in taste.

Chestnut Praline Latte
I'm told that this option is available in the US as well. A solid good-tasting drink. Similar to a toffee nut latte, though not as sweet. 

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