Friday, February 12, 2016

A stroll through downtown Bangor

I didn't have a lot of good things to say about Bangor when I visited:

"I went on a walk through downtown after the library, only to be more and more disappointed by the town itself. 'This charmless town looks like it tries hard to be tacky,' I voice-dictated into my phone. Another thing  I noticed in Bangor was this attention to crime I have not seen elsewhere. Take the sign in my hotel room for instance, “room will be inventoried after each guest checks out and guest will be billed for missing items.” Or this one on every public bathroom in the city, “Restrooms are for paying customers only,” or how about “no backpacks” on the doors of stores, or the library having enhanced security, like cameras and metal detectors.

I'm not sure that I regret going there, but I wouldn't go back without a very compelling purpose. When I look at these photos again, I can feel my disappointment. However, some of the images appear charming, which is the magic of photo editing. I wanted to put them on this blog as yet another example of reality and illusion.

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