Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Photo Diary: Best of Maine

It's pretty hard to put together a "Best of" photo album for Maine after all the other amazing photo diaries I have of cemeteries, lighthouses, and architecture. What else could I possibly photograph?
In this diary, I will attempt to present a series of photographs that portrays the overall theme and mood of my trip to Maine. I have also decided to start adding captions to my photographs. Though they are powerful without any context, I want to connect them to reality so that I can always remember their meaning.

Church with model church, Lamoine

Street in Camden

The ocean, as seen from Breakwater Light

Visitors book in Portland Jetport

Running path in Brunswick

View from Spring Ledge light

Airport bathroom selfie

Getting set up for a wedding in Raymond

The light of Pemaquid Lighhouse

A building in downtown Portland

The beach as seen on a foggy day in Lamoine

Books for sale in Bath

Pemaquid Lighhouse

Stephen King's house in Bangor

A beautiful girl in a cafe in Portland

A farmhouse in Lamoine

The harbor of Camden

From a desk at the Jesop Memorail Library in Bar Harbor

Hiking Mt. Dorr in Acadia National Park

Street view in Bath

Poster in the bathroom of a house in Lamoine

A building in Bath

Hiking Mt Dorr in Acadia National Park

A seagull in perched along the river in Gardenia

Lobster pound in Belfast

A window in Portland

The  harbor at dusk in Portland

The river as seen while running on a path in Brunswick

The rocks outside Pemaquid Lighthouse

Locks on the harbor in Portland

A pride flag at a cafe in Portland

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