Friday, September 2, 2016

Chiang Mai Zoom Aquarium

I lived in Chiang Mai for almost two full months. I spent most of those long hot days writing in the many of the cafes of Nimman. Each day passed monotonously, until I woke up on my second to last day in Thailand and realized I hadn't done any of the quintessential touristy stuff that I might want to do.

Now, I've prided myself on being a sight-skipper, not a sight-seeer, but the feeling of wastefulness was gnawing at me. I began to question why I was purposely skipping all the must-dos in Chiang Mai. What point was I trying to prove? Who was I trying to impress? On those last few days in Thailand, on my last few days of a 6-month journey around Southeast Asia, I was filled with a mad desire to do and see everything I could before flying back to the states. 

Among those things was the Chiang Mai Zoo. Why? Because it's close. Because it's there. Because why not. So I took a songthaew to the zoo, which is right down the street from the bustling Nimman neighborhood and spent an entire half-day there. 

But this post isn’t  about a zoo, it’s about an aquarium. Before I went to the zoo, I didn't even know the aquarium existed. How could I have forgotten to check for aquariums? They are one of the standard places I visit on every trip, right along with libraries, cemeteries, and afternoon tea houses, but somehow I had forgotten to look up aquariums in SE Asia.

Well, Chiang Mai Zoo, this would be my chance. 

I loved this sweet little aquarium. Is it the most lavish, big, or beautiful in the world? Of course not. Could it use some updating? Sure. But it bares some features that are uniquely its own. Some quirky. Some cute.
There are may strange and colorful aquatic sculptures. There were some interested aqua-terrarium displays I had seen no where else, and the water passage was pretty surreal.

All in all, it’s much better than I expected of aquarium in a zoo where the panda should be the star attraction. It is well worth the time and expense of the ticket, and I have no regrets for my delightfully touristy day.

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