Friday, January 20, 2017

Jumbo Grocery Odyssey

The parking lot as we approach the entrance of Jumbo

With only two days in Amsterdam, visiting a grocery store was not on my to-do list. Don’t get me wrong, I love grocery stores in other countries because they are so revealing of the culture. But two days in a city with tons of museums and coffee just didn’t seem like enough time to do it all, let alone wander around a store. Thankfully, I did end up at a Jumbo (pronounced Yumm-Bo) and it turned out to be the best experience I had in Amsterdam.
 On this particular trip to Europe my father came with us, and my the second day he was already stressing about where to buy gluten free bread in preparation for our visit to the remote island where my extended family lives (with no gluten-free bread).  Hearing that Amsterdam had a large supply of gluten-free products in their grocery stores, we walked fifteen minutes from our airbnb apartment to Jumbo. My expectations where low; I expected a small disorganized market. But when we approached the large industrial structure with an enormous parking lot my hopes soared.

Welcome to Jumbo Foodmarket

Jumbo was an incredible adventure. Not only is it gorgeous and sprawling and clean and well-designed (what did I expect – it’s the Netherlands), but it had an assortment of groceries that delighted me with their unique Dutch-ness.

Aisle after aisle of cheese

Overwhelming selection of cured meets

A kind of cake no one at the bakery could describe in English

Gigantic meringues!

So much Gluten-Free food

A posh bakery inside the store

Old Amsterdam Cheese - the best!

Fresh orange juice squeezed by machine right in front on your eyes

It was the best orange juice I ever had

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