Thursday, January 12, 2017

Signage all over Asia

Every once in a while in SE Asia I would turn the corner or look up from a map and see a particularly curious sign. I didn’t keep a log so when it came time to collect these images I had to scan through all my files. There is nothing cohesive about this collection except that they are all signs that fascinated me at one point or another.

No Durian. No Balloons.

Don't wear purses with money symbols on them.

No excessive shopping (bottom right corner). 

Disk. Bobbop. 

No death by electrocution.


No Indecent Behavior. 

Walk with long strides here. 

Any of these bikes are ok. 

Death box. 

Look away when being farted on. 

Don't mix flammable gas with hamburgers. 

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