Saturday, April 22, 2017

Photo Diary: Best of Athens

I knew I would love Athens before I went. 

I knew in some ways it had changed a lot since I was a kid and in some ways it hadn't changed at all and I would love both its changes and its familiarity. 

In Athens I dreamed of being an adult. 
I dreamed of my adult life in Athens more than I did in America, yet I never knew Athens as an adult, and now that I have reached this age and returned, I find both the same and different city. 

The subway in a new and much-needed addition. 
The damn acropolis is still under construction and covered by scaffolding and will probably be forever. 
The nightclubs rage until 4:00am. 
The protests sometimes turn violent. 
Tensions are high with unemployment increasing and pensions being cut. 

But what do I know? Could I see myself living in Athens? 

Would I recommend it to anyone? 
Probably not. 

It takes a special kind of soul to see the beauty in that fading graffiti.

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