Friday, November 24, 2017

What did I buy in Seoul?

What did I buy in Seoul?
not as much as most people. 
Seoul is a popular shopping attraction for Japanese tourists, because apparently they can get many of the same products for cheaper than in Japan. 
I didn't find this to be true, at least not for the things I like to buy, but I still took home a few small items. Korea is famous for its’ beauty brands so I bought something from almost every shop we visited.

The tote bag is an awesome find that I bought right off a woman’s shoulder. My brave friend when up and asked her where she got her bag, and she said, “I made it, but I will sell you this one for $10.” So there it was. She emptied her contents into a shopping bag, and I took the purse of her shoulder.
I don’t even know what it says in Korean…a little help please?

The rest from top clockwise:
Black bow for my hair
Black ring
Nylon Korea magazine (I try to get one in every country)
Pomegranate face mask (Etude)
Charcoal mask (too cool for school)
Hand lotion (lily & jack)
lip gloss (too cool for school)

Primer (Banila)

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