Sunday, March 3, 2019

Cafes of Porto

Porto had many more amazing cafes than even Lisbon did. Somehow the coffee and café culture has taken off here more than the bustling capital in the south. I had a small list when I first arrived, but after spending six days in the city I discovered many more than I anticipated. It's always good to have a few cafes make the list that were unplanned. In order of favorites:

Fabrica Roasters
Fabrica opened on the day I arrived in Porto, so I was one of the first customers. Like it's original branch in Lisbon, the coffee was excellent, but the atmosphere of the cafe surpassed all others. It was enormous and open air, with plenty of natural light to enjoy on both sunny and rainy days. I must have visited here at least three times. 

Combi is on the second floor of a high-end clothing store in downtown. It's a small cafe but I loved that we got the window seat and could look out on Porto's streets below. With the right seating, I could spend all day here easily.

Manifesto is located about a half-hour from downtown Porto, in the Matosinhos neighborhood by the ocean. It serves only black coffee, no cream of sugar, and some simple cookies. What is great about this place is the vibe, and the ability to read expensive magazines from all over the world. 

Vogue Café
Vogue cafe has it's own post due to it being a magazine-themed cafe like a few other I have visited in the world. This is not a laptop place, but rather a place to come and read magazine, and enjoy some exquisite European cuisine. 

Majestic Café
Majestic cafe is a landmark in Porto. Practically every tourist has to pass by here to photograph the front, and half as many wait in line for tables. Inside, it is a beautiful cafe with excellent food and drinks. 

Moustache Café
Moustache Cafe has an array of unique sweet drinks and cakes. Very popular for breakfast but there is tons of seating indoors and outdoors. 

Armazom Do Café
We stopped in this tiny cafe after seeing their special advertised on a sign, about $2 USD for a tea and cake. This is definitely the type of place to go hard on the laptop. Good beverages and snacks.

Honolulu cafe
Honolulu cafe serves some excellent food and drinks, perfect for breakfast. The Hawaiian theme is a bit unexpected in Porto, as are the crowds of men who come here for beers in the morning, but it was a unique experience. 

Café Progresso

Cafe Progresso is a popular breakfast joint serving coffee and pancakes. 

We stopped at Terreria after we found that the cafe we were looking for was closed. We needed a drink and to use the bathroom, and were pleasantly surprised with this cafe in a fake-flower shop. 

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