Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Incredible Bookstores of Taipei

After a visit to Taipei’s most famous library, I was eager to check out some of the city’s unique bookstores. We explored everything from the famous chains like Eslite and Kingstown, to obscure places like mystery-themed store Murder Ink and art book store Artland. This is a city where people love to read and appreciate a unique buying experience. 

Eslite 誠品網路書店
Taiwan’s largest and most famous bookstore is worth a visit for the sheer volume of it. There is an Eslite near practically every major station and each once has something special to offer. One Eslite we visited featured an art gallery on the fifth floor. I compare Eslite to Japan’s Tsutaya, which also exists in Taiwan.

Kingstone 金石堂書店
Another chain bookstore with the typical offerings, but a little more down to Earth and with cheaper prices on some items.

Mollie Used Books 茉莉二手書店
A popular stop down a narrow allow by the university, this bookstore offers a large variety of magazines and used books for very reasonable prices.

Murder Ink 偵探書屋
A mystery- and murder-themed bookstore and café, with a curated collection by the other and other enthusiasts of mystery novels.

Artland 亞典藝術書店
Focusing solely on Artbooks from around the world, Artland also features a small gallery with local artists, as well as a café.

VVG 好样本事
A small shop covered wth greenery sells foreign books and antiques. A very cool place to check out for gifts and things you can’t find in other shops.

Muji Books 無印良品

Famous clothing brand Muji from Japan has it’s own bookstore in Taipei, which features Chinese-translations of popular Japanese books.

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