Sunday, May 26, 2019

Library of Pingxi, Taiwan

My family took a day trip to the popular tourist destination of  Jiufen on day and decided to make the most of the long train ride by continuing to a small town in the mountains called Pingxi. Unfortunately, it was desolate compared to Jiufen and Shifen. Most shops and restaurants were closed, and we finished walking through the town in five minutes. 
My in-laws were disappointed, but I was overjoyed at the discovery of a cool-looking public library. 

Although the building was quite large, the library only took up the third floor. So once you exit the elevator, you come across this welcoming scene of small paper lanterns - the town's hallmark. 

I was impressed with the one-floor one-room library's spacious layout and abundant seating. 

Some study tables looked out over the town like seats at a cafe. Notice again the lights n the shape of lanterns. 

I found an amazing book on all thing Louis Vuitton there. I was surprised that such a book would be in the library of a small town like Pingxi.

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