Friday, May 10, 2019

McDonalds Taiwan Black Sesame McFlurry

I was not planning to go to McDonald's in Taipei. My interest in trying the local offerings faded years ago and was replaced with an intense interest in the real food to be found on the streets. 
However, when my family passed by a McDonald's while running an errand, my mother-in-law wanted to try the black-sesame ice cream. 

This yea in Taiwan, the seasonal flavor was...America. The sandwiches looked completely decadent and were not worth the calories, but did enjoy the black sesame ice cream.

There were two ways to order it, in a McFlurry or in soft serve ice cream. I told her to get the McFlurry because it would be more delicious. 

I was surprised by how tiny the McFlurry was! Maybe 1/4 of the size of one in the US. And they served it to us with a spoon, not like a drink with a straw in America. 

I thought this McFlurry was delicious, but my mother in law was disappointed that it was vanilla ice cream with black sesame syrup. 

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