Friday, June 7, 2019

A Grocery Store in Taipei

In every city where I spend considerable time, I try to complete my Golden Trifecta, by visiting a cemetery, library, and grocery store. In this way, I can come into contact with the culture through all the basic and primary functions of life. 

I have family in Taiwan, so I've long ago completed the Golden Trifecta but thus far have only blogged about cemeteries and libraries there, not grocery stores. So this entry I wanted to devote time to all the interesting things  about Taiwanese grocery stores. 

First, I happened to be in Taipei in the fall, around Halloween, and I could not help but compare the tradition of carving the Youzi - or "super grapefruit" - which they do to celebrate the mid-autumn moon festival, to the American tradition of carving the pumpkin.

The foreign aisle of the grocery store is an interesting place. What made it over: peanut butter, jelly, and cereal. 

This particular store had two floors, with abundant advertising and products along the staircase. 

I was exciting by these Pringles from Japan, which are Yakitori - BBQ chicken - flavored. The fireworks are in celebration of Tanabata, a summer festival. 

My favorite aisle: the milk tea aisle. I love milk tea so much and you just can't beat Taiwan's variety. 

It's always been a disappointment of mine that you can't feel the bristles of a toothbrush before buying it. But in Taiwan, they keep a sample of the brush out for you to feel. Genius!

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