Friday, July 24, 2020

What did I eat in Ethiopia?

Ethiopian Food

Food was not the highlight of my trip to Ethiopia but I was looking forward to tasting real Ethiopian food in Ethiopia. 

While the injera certainly did not disappoint, I was often overwhelmed with the portion size at restaurants. It seemed like every dish I ordered was meant to be eaten by three people. Another interesting difference between Ethiopian food in the US and Ethiopia is that there were not as many vegetables in Ethiopia. I found most people ordered meat dishes, shiro (which is basically a buttery sauce) or Kaffir (stir fried injera). There was often only one or two vegetable dishes on the menu and many times the restaurants wouldn’t have any. Despite this, I enjoyed some delicacies I cannot find in the US, like Ethiopian cheese and raw beef and a smoothie made from barley and honey.

Injera with tibbs and firfir

Injera with Shiro and collard greens

An Ethiopian medley!  
False banana (fermented_

Besa (buckwheat juice with milk and honey)


Juices galore

Spritz Juice with Strawberry, Mango, and Papaya

Italian Food

I was surprised to find such an abundance of Italian food in Addis Ababa, but it makes since given Ethiopia’s wars with Italy. While Ethiopia was never colonized, the Italians did stay long enough to leave some of their traditions in the country like the macchiato, pizza, and pasta. I ate pizza and pasta many times on my one week trip, and in fact, the best Italian restaurant I have ever tasted is in Addis Ababa (Abucci). 

Random Western Food

Often when I travel I crave the familiar, so fries and hamburgers and coca cola were welcome respites for me.  

Burger and fries

Chicken Cobb salad

The best caramel donut I have ever had

Quiche and salad

Beet root salad
Excellent green cherry cake
Always ubiquitous, always Coca Cola

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