Wednesday, March 6, 2024

The Over-Photographed Library of Trinity College Dublin

My version of the famous "shot"

My passion for exploring and documenting libraries, a well-established theme on this blog, has spanned since 2012, taking me to diverse literary havens in at least 10 different countries. The allure of these spaces lies not only in their repository of books but also in their reflection of local culture, providing a unique lens through which I learn about the essence of each place.

However, exceptions arise when libraries transition into overt tourist attractions, a phenomenon I find disheartening. Nothing disappoints me more than encountering a library where the sanctity of touching books is forbidden. To me, the essence of a library lies in its accessibility and the tactile experience it offers. Regrettably, this is precisely the predicament with the Library of Trinity College Dublin. Despite technically functioning as a working library, it has morphed into more of a tourist spectacle where visitors are restricted from interacting with the books. It becomes a place to capture the perfect photograph and swiftly depart, deviating from the genuine essence of a vibrant, accessible literary haven.

All photographs here were taken behind a velvet rope. 

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