Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Gambia: Photos from Up Country

 I traveled eight hours by jeep up the Gambian River to the town on Basse for a work trip. There I met with local villages from both Mandinka and Fula communities. Here are some photos from that trip.

Children from the village

Farms outside the village

View from the back on the home (this family very kindly let me use their bathroom)

Entrance to the home

A typical village

Corn drying in the sun

Girls from a Fula village dressed up to perform

Donkeys everywhere

A masquerade performance at a Mandika village

The boat to cross the river

Where the slaves were held in Georgetown before they were taken across the Atlantic

Corn drying in the village. It will be ground into power and cooked into a porridge

Cellphones were ubiquitous - the villagers are seen here recording a ceremonial performance

I loved this little girl's dress but I don't think she was happy to be photographed

Cows were everywhere along the road

Views from the lodge

Views from the ldoge

Our boat

An overcast day

Mangroves in the Gambian River

The Gambian river

The Gambian river

The lodge along the Gambian river

Dusk over the lodge

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