Sunday, May 5, 2024

What Did I Eat in The Gambia?

I did almost no research on the food before I traveled to The Gambia. I was there for a work trip, so I knew I would not have time to go to any restaurants or cafes on my own. Also, I did not even see any cafes or coffee shops there. Mostly, people drink tea, a thick sweetened green tea called Attaya. So I let my client dictate when and where I ate. A few interesting things to note:

People don't usually have lunch until 3:00 pm. I found this to be very late - I was getting hungry around 12:00 pm and had to wait. Dinner is also late, around 9:00 pm, which was again too late for me.

My internet research was correct in identifying no coffee shops; indeed, I did not find any when I arrived. Instead, I brought my own coffee and coffee maker from the US. I am glad I did, or else I would not have had any coffee.

Attaya, packs of Green tea (that look like cigarettes) boiled for hours in sugar

Foreign food, mostly not good. Except for that Lebanese Shwarma in the top corner

Fruit, I did not come during mango season, but watermelon was abundant

Gambian banquet food, the best meal I had there

Gambia has the best juices: Kaaba, Ditakh, and Baobab

Fried meat cakes, rice, and more meat

AbCa's Lodge buffet dinner was excellent - the best chips I ever had

Gambian village food, served communal style, the curry is Domoda, a peanut stew

Wanjo juice, from the hibiscus, my favorite

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