Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hey, I've Been There! - Kowloon

I came across this postcard in a bookstore in the US. I immediately recognized that street in Kowloon. When I visited Hong Kong back in 2007, I stayed in a hotel in Kowloon, so I was able to wonder the streets easily by foot. 
See that orange Yoshinoya sign in the top left corner? Remember that. 

Although I did not take any photographs of this exact street from this exact angle, some of my pictures are quite reminiscent. 

This one is most like it in composition. 

This is a shot in at night.

I ate at this Yoshinoya restaurant near my hotel in Kowloon. I don't think it's the same one from the postcard, but it was definitely in Kowloon. I missed Japan too much back then...

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