Thursday, August 8, 2013

What I ate in Qatar

Absolutely no local Qatari food is the answer :(

Unfortunately when you are only in Doha for a day, you eat whatever comes your way.

But fortunately Doha is not short of amazing foreign and gourmet food. Our first meal was at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) in Doha. They have an amazing little cafe of the ground floor, and although everything look delicious, I didn't have a lot of riyals to spend, so I orders a beat salad with cheese and bread. 

For dinner, we walked around Souq Waqif (a famous market) looking for something appetizing. There are local food offerings at the souq, but when we passed this Malaysian restaurant our mouths watered. My friend had been looking for these spicy noodles in Dubai for months, and we finally found Doha.

The spread includes one mung bean drink, a watermelon juice with mint puree, spicy soup, spicy rice noodles, and some accoutrements of rice, chili, sardines, egg, and cucumber. Yum!

Now that I am a seasoned traveler in Doha (yeah right) I would recommend everyone do the one thing I did not get a chance to do: eat street food at the souq. At night, women in abayas enter the souq carrying their own pots and pans with homemade treats they cooked in their kitchens that day. This does not happen until nightfall, and unfortunately I had already eaten (and spent most of my cash) before they came out. When I go back, I will join the many people lined up for homemade Qatari food, and I will hold out a paper plate and tell them to dump anything on it they want. 

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