Monday, March 30, 2015

Bangkok Airways Review

Yangon Airport View
Five years after Myanmar opened to tourists there are still not a lot of flight options for flying to the country's capital, Yangon. Going to and from Bangkok was certainly the easiest option, but our primary concerns were safety and comfort. After doing a bit of research we decided to fly on Bangkok Airways. They had a good safety record, convenient arrival times, and competitive pricing.

The few expectations I did have were quickly surpassed. The flight to Yangon was  so smooth that the moment I disembarked I forgot I was just on a plane . I would have completely forgotten that I flew to Yangon at all  for the memorable impression I had of the areal view of the country.

Flying over Myanmar’s rolling green plains was much like how I would imagine the Midwest of the U.S. to look…in the 1800s. The tallest structure in Yangon is a gigantic gold sculpture of Buddha. It radiates light among the dense green planes.

Even for a flight lasting only 1.5 hours, you get fed. On the way back, the food was so good my partner ate two meals. I usually can’t eat on plane, but I sampled the spicy noodle salad which was excellent. There was also a delicious coconut cake which was so moist and soft that I couldn’t believe it had come packaged from an airline.

I’ve been pretty jaded about airlines after riding on some of the world’s best airlines, Emirates and Singapore, but my impression of Bangkok Airways far exceeded either of those companies. For a small airline with only regional flights, we had a fantastic experience. 

The best plane meal I have ever had. Ever.

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