Thursday, April 2, 2015

Café Profile: Too Fast To Sleep, Bangkok

Every once in a while I find a café so incredible that it deserves a solo post. Many of these amazing places became my go-to spots inJapan. And I find them in other parts of the world, from Astoria, Oregon to Oslo,Norway. And now I have found that place in Bangkok.

Hello Too Fast Too Sleep. A sprawling, two-story multi-room café that rivels the library of any college campus.

Open 24 hours.

Cheap and delicious drinks. Nachos. Milk toast. Wifi.

A 2-minute walk from Sam Yan MRT station.

I came here almost everyday in Bangkok. During the day, the tall ceiling and natural lighting make for an atmospheric work place. The only downside, if you even consider it a downside, is that I was – day after day  - the oldest person in the café. I'm 27.

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