Sunday, July 19, 2015

Chiang Mai Cafe Catalog: CMU Edition

These cafes are located south of CMU, about 15 minutes from Nimman by walking. 

1. The Barn
Run by graduates of Chiang Mai University, this hip hangout boasts a quirky art atmosphere, delicious cakes, and sutiable coffee. I recommend their signature drink “The Barn” iced, with a mocha tart.

2. Uncle Coffee
It’s hard to miss this mustache café and its mustachioed owner. A laid-back, local hangout with fast wifi and large iced drinks.

3. InBox Cafe
A large, multi-purpose complex attached to the Snoozebox hotel. Was busy as hell when I arrived mid afternoon. Drink menu is standard. They also serve food such as cakes and pasta.  

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