Monday, July 13, 2015

Chiang Mai Cafe Catalog: Old Town Edition

For of these cafes are an easy walking distance from the Tha Pae gate. Besides Libernard and Graph Cafe, I found the rest serendipitously  by walking around. Since this is a considerable distance from CMU, you won't find these places crowded with college students. Instead, they'll be dominated by tourists and "digital nomads."

1. Rockpresso
Café on the first floor of a hostel. Very lively with friendly staff and excellent drinks. I recommend the Rockpresso Espresso.

2.  Libernard
A café in the courtyard of a family’s home. Has a grungy, homey quality to it, which junk strew around the yard and cats climbing on you. Not the kind of place I could work from, but charming and memorable.

3. MoRooms
This café is located in the unique artsy hotel. Their seating and wifi are sufficult, but it feels too much like a restaurant for me to sit comfortably for hours.

4.  Arte Café
A charming and tiny place near the main road. The menu is limited but the coffee is supurb. I enjoyed sitting in the garden behind the café.

5. Graph Café
A tiny café with gourmet coffee and basically six seat. This is a small place so come here to chat and sample the coffee, but don’t try to pull out your laptop and work. 

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