Sunday, July 5, 2015

I live here: My Apartment in Chiang Mai

A very belated by much-owed salut to my writing habitat for the month of November 2014.  I’ve decided to use NaNoWriMo as a place-marker to display my dwellings at that time, wherever I may be in the world.

In November 2013,  I was living in a large, freezing cold house inthe mountains of rural Japan. This year I am in an air-conditioned studio apartment off of a bustling street in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The two places could not be more different. In Japan, I had to drive everywhere. It was a five-minute drive just to the nearest convenience store. In Thailand I can get everything I need within a five-minute walk. When I was typing this post last November, I was wearing my sweater and winter coat indoors (my huge wooden house had inadequate heating). This year, actually, at this moment, I'm wearing shorts and a tank top and the AC is turned up to full blast.

Last year, I had to make that house home for a year, and this year my studio will only be my refuge for one month. 


  1. Quite comfortable accommodation for life and work. I love the hot climate and therefore Thailand is the place I would like to be born. But I was born in Chicago, and the journey became part of my way of life. When I was last in Chiang Mai, my friends and I rented an apartment similar to yours but it was 2 rooms.

    And the scooter for rent I found in the Cat Motors service, it made my move to the city convenient and I didn't depend on public transport. I should say I had a good rest and even had time to work a bit.


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