Friday, May 20, 2016

Angkor Temple Profile: Ta Promh

Name: Ta Promh

Built: late 12th and early 13th centuries

Conservation: APSARA and the Archeological Survey of India

Distinctive feature: a maze of single-story ruins covered in spung trees

Visitor's note: Second only to Angkor Wat, this is the most popular temple and the one all the tourist want to photograph. This is the second stop for the tourist buses which means that by 9:000am it's already swarmed with large groups. No Tomb Raider magic at this place; all the key spots have pedestals and ques of people in line for thier prize photograph. 

The first time we went to Ta Promh we saw it overrun with tourists, but we gave it a second chance, because it really is that beautiful. The second time we hustled right after sunrise and were by no means the only ones, but at least we could enjoy it with slightly less chaos. 

And a couple picture that you will see if you go after 8:30am...Just keeping it honest...



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