Monday, May 23, 2016

Taschen Tea at The Joule Dallas

After a four-year hiatus, I hadn't planned to have afternoon tea in Dallas on my 2016 trip. My goal is to have tea in different cities around the world, and I had already checked Dallas off the list with tea at the Adolphus in 2008. But when I was researching for my trip, I happened upon a new and interesting option: Tea at the Taschen Library the of The Joule Dallas. I had never been to or heard of this place when I was in high school, and it seems to have been newly renovated in 2013. There was certainly no place like this in downtown Dallas when I was a teenager.

Tea is hosted every Saturday at 2:30 with seats for only 16 people. I was lucky enough to get reservations the week I was in town. Unlike other teas I have attended, this one was meticulously timed and included three different teas. Each time a new tea was introduced, the staff presented on the flavor and origin, and informed us which foods accompanied each tea.


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